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Installing The Foundry MODO on windows machines remotley and share a central content path

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To install MODO on all your machines on the windows farm you can download the MS tool PSEXEC (see Links section) and use this from the command-line. Mind the CASES. Error code 0 seems the message for a clean install. 

"psexec \\MACHINE -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD \\SERVER\pipeline\software\modo\MODO_801_SP3_win.exe /S /D C:\Program Files\Luxology\modo\801_SP3"

You might want to set a shared Content directory by setting an environment variable like this:

setx /m NEXUS_ASSET "N:\pipeline\luxology_content\Content\Assets"
setx /m NEXUS_CONTENT "N:\pipeline\luxology_content\Content"
Read on for an example Batch file with password input as a variable!

Convert Illustrator to Modo

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 A brief description how to get a Ilustrator curve into modo.

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